Ohno Radio

Jérémy Landes

Episode Summary

I met the designer Jérémy Landes at the Lure Typography conference in the South of France, and he just turned out to be such a lovely individual—and when I say individual I mean it. His typeface Digestive was started as something he just put together, then it came over to Future Fonts, then finally when it was done, we released it into the Ohno library as the first typeface that was not drawn by me. So Jérémy and I became friends, and a few weeks ago he emailed to just set up a time to chat, and catch up. Now here's where I pulled a real jerk move. I was like "let's record it for the podcast", thus, commercializing, a moment between friends. I'm sorry for this Jeremy, but because he's a nice person, agreed, and here's the resulting conversation. If you're not familiar with Jérémy's work, I'd characterize it as pretty avant garde mostly display faces that seem to throw out every rule in the book—but if you look deeper, you find an intricate system working effortlessly. His stuff is contemporary, beautifully drawn, and unique, just like he is!

Episode Notes

You can see more of Jérémy’s work on the Studio Triple instagram and website.